Futuristic City

Posted: May 13, 2010 in My Gallery

I made it all looks like a futuristic city that is plagues with
either pollution or radioactivity and all people are hiding in some special structures.
aslo watching around if there are any anmys coming..
The big Idea where I started the Design from the the building with red lights
that looks like H..in the middle there is an A.. well this Means Ahmed Hasan wihch is my name
also H means my mother’s name.. also H means the name of some one I love so much..
in the big balloon you see ” J – Cr9 ” well the J means the name of my best friend which is
my Uncle Jaber… the Cr9 means C.Ronaldo #9 this is my brother’s Ali Nickname
done with
3Ds Max 2009, Greeble, Vray, Photoshop CS4

  1. Eli Toth says:

    Haha I’m actually the only reply to this incredible read.

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